Many people who go for traveling or say just start traveling have no idea about which placeto visit first. They do a lot of research on it. So if you’re searching for the places that one should visit then you are at the correct place. Let me tell you that as you already be knowing this thing that UAE is the most famous country and this country consists of seven emirates, among all these seven emirates Dubai is the onethat should be visited first.

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But why Dubai?
Dubai is the city which has got all the amazing places within it. This city of UAE has it all. I guess nobody will have an issue with this statement of mine that the B in Dubai represents the word beauty. Dubai is full of beautiful places. Now if I havementioned the placesthen let me tell you about the famous places in Dubai that should be a must visit on yourDubai Tour.

Popular Dubai attractions:
Let me tell you about the main popular attractions in Dubai. Below are some detailsregarding Dubai attractions.

1-Dubai Creek:
This place is known to be the famous harbor of Dubai. If you really want to see the place which is the reason behind the development of Dubai then you should definitely visit Dubai Creek in your Dubai Tour. Dubai Creek is the most famous reason behind what Dubai is today.

2-The Dubai Mall:
This mall in Dubai is a very huge one. The Dubai Mall has the latest technology and anyone who visits this mall for the first time gets amazed by the amount of variety present here. This mall has the best food court inside it. It also has the best shopping zone within it. If you get tired of shopping you can also go to the lounge area to relax. You should go to this mall on your Dubai Tour.

3-Dubai Gold Souk:
Dubai gold souk is a famous retailer market in Dubai. You can come to this market to purchase some jewelry that you can gift to your closed ones, once you go back to your home. You will love the kid of variety present here.

4-Burj Khalifa:
This placeis the key representation of the city of Dubai. Burj Khalifa is the building that clicks in the minds of many people when they hear the name Dubai. This is a famous and the tallest skyscraper in the whole world. Burj Khalifa has a huge numberof floors. You will love the details of this building. You will also love the view that you will get from the top floor of this building.

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5-Dubai Museum:
Want to see some historical sites of Dubai? Want to know about the history of Dubai? Visit the Dubai museum in your Dubai Tour.


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