If you are lucky enough to not need any medicine in your daily life, you can skip this. If however you are not that lucky and you need to take some medicine or eye drops sometimes, it is quite handy to know how to store those. For example, you cannot just store eye drops in a plastic container or something. For eye drops you might want to buy wholesale glass dropper bottles. These will keep your eye drops safe and make it easy to use your eye drops as well.

How do dropper bottles work?

The main use of dropper bottles is to dispense a very little amount of liquid at a time. You do not need wholesale glass dropper bottles if you need a lot of liquid, but for eye drops it is perfect. Actually, for almost every ear, eye or hair application, you only need a little bit of liquid. This is where wholesale glass dropper bottles shine. You have complete control over how much liquid comes out and where the liquid will fall. That is why wholesale glass dropper bottles are such a great way to store your eye drops.

What about apothecary jars?

If you have medicine and you want to store them somewhere, obviously wholesale glass dropper bottles will not be useful. In that case you might want to look for apothecary jars. These are perfect for the storage of your medicine. Because it is lightweight and tiny, you can always fit some apothecary jars in your bathroom. You can also easily take them with you if you go out. Apothecary jars are thus an excellent item to have if you have to take medicine from time to time.

Made of glass

Both the wholesale glass dropper bottles and the apothecary jars are often made of glass. This is of course because that is quite sturdy and will not easily break. You can also look into the dropper bottle or jar and see how much you still have left. But it also protects your medicine or eye drops from the sun and other influences. That is quite important, because you do not want your medicine to get altered by the sun or something else. It is thus very important to keep your medicine and eye drops in these apothecary jars or wholesale glass dropper bottles. Apart from being handy and helpful, it will also protect your medicine and eye drops.

How to store your medicine